[CLAM] Adapting CLAM app

XAVIERMB at telefonica.net XAVIERMB at telefonica.net
Thu Aug 7 03:00:43 PDT 2003


We are interested in adapting a CLAM Application made for us in the new 
0,52 release.

We have looking CLAM's documentation and we need some help to build our 
App in the new Build System.

At the moment, we know it's necesary add the srcdeps.exe in Tools-
Options-..., but the problems begin when we have to get the 'CLAM-build-
system-example' from the CVS repository (because the CVS Server is 
disabled) and how to modify some config files (like clam-location.cfg, 

So, we need some help on how to get the necesary files (which are these 
files, which is their location in CLAM's directory, where we have to 
place our App,...)

Thank You for all.

Xavier Maroñas & Samuel Requena

PD: Sorry for our English :)

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