[CLAM] Adapting CLAM app

Pau Arumi pau.arumi at iua.upf.es
Thu Aug 7 06:51:16 PDT 2003

> At the moment, we know it's necesary add the srcdeps.exe in Tools-
> Options-..., but the problems begin when we have to get the 'CLAM-build-
> system-example' from the CVS repository (because the CVS Server is 
> disabled) and how to modify some config files (like clam-location.cfg, 
> defaults.cfg).

As said in the release 0.5.0 anouncement (and in the download section), 
now we provide the library in tarballs (or zip's for MS Visual C++ 
users). So, no CVS anymore.
(Anyway the CVS server should be up, I'll check that...)

> So, we need some help on how to get the necesary files (which are these 
> files, which is their location in CLAM's directory, where we have to 
> place our App,...)

Just extract the compressed file in your CLAM sandboxes directory (that 
means: in a directory where all the dependents library are placed, 
namely: fftw, xercesc, fltk...)

All you need to know is in the documentation (hopefully! Let us know if 
you have difficulties).

But making the story short: you'll have to compile the srcdeps.exe, 
which is in build/srcdeps/  using the existing .dsp (I deduce you're in 
Visual). And with that you'll be ready to re-generate the examples .dsp 
and compile them.
I recomend you to play a little with the SMSTools example.

Hope that helps,

Pau Arumí

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