[CLAM] Mac OSX Compilation report...

Xavier Amatriain xamat at iua.upf.es
Tue Aug 5 07:09:41 PDT 2003

Hi Francois,

First of all I must warn you that half the CLAM development team is on
vacation (including me) and the other half is about to go on vacation 
also. Just to say that until September our response time may not be all
that immediate.

And related to the error you get when compiling SMSTools, it is because
of a definition of "round" we have in CLAM_Math.hxx (line 99). We had to
hack that definition because MSVisual 6 does not come with a compliant
standard library. That is why we had to "redefine" the round function.
I am not familiar with MacOSX and I don't quite understand why you get
a parse error in the function declaration. As a first try you could just
remove the declaration of round in CLAM_Math (I guess the version of gcc
you are using comes with a fully compliant standard library).

I don't know if Maarten De Boer, who has also been trying to compile on
OSX has come upon that problem also.

Francois Thibault wrote:

> Hi,
> Here is what I do and how far I get in CLAM 0.5.2 compilations under mac 
> os x.
> - Use the provided library binaries (fftw,xerces and fltk)
> - Do the usual UNIX thing
> - set DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable to all libraries /lib
> -Trying to compile SMS tools or console (make CONFIG=release) example 
> application, compilation chokes on SMSFreqShift (see attached 
> compile.rtf for details)
> -Also see config.log to see if the configuration is normal if necessary, 
> (it could not find QT headers is that normal under os x?)
> Hope this is useful for developers...
> Francois

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