[CLAM] Compiling CLAM under Mac OS X

francois.thibault francois.thibault at elf.mcgill.ca
Wed Jul 23 21:17:13 PDT 2003


I am trying to compile the new version (July 23rd) under Mac OS X. Compiles 
like a 
charm under Linux now but I think I need some more work for Mac version to 
compile... a 
little help by anyone who has try would be appreciated.

Problem #1: Binaries of supported versions are not available for OS X which 
getting the exact version number of external libraries required is not always 
Here is the closest match I could get to compile properly on the platform:

- FFTW 2.1.5
- FLTK 1.1.4rc1
- XERCESC 2.3.0 (1.7.0 does not compile on my system...)

I should not need anything else, should I?
How bad is it to a radically newer version of xerces?

1) After having installed these libraries in system paths the configure file 
stumbles over 
the fact that gcc -v does not return what you would expect on mac. The word 
which is used by grep and cut to grab version number occurs twice in the line 
therefore configures get garbage in the version number...

2) Configure quits after not being able to load fftw library in test 
compilation... I don't know 
why, because the install of fftw was succesful.

I have attached the config.log file for anyone willing to help me out.

Are there binaries of the appropriate libraries available anywhere for os X?

Thanks in advance
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