[CLAM] Compiling CLAM under Mac OS X

Maarten de Boer mdeboer at iua.upf.es
Thu Jul 24 10:54:52 PDT 2003

Hi Francois,

I see that you are really anxious to get CLAM compiled! Good you got the
libraries working. I had some problems with fltk, but I believe that in
1.1.4rc1 these have been fixed.

What is do problem you have with compiling Xercesc 1.7.0 ? I believe
2.3.0 will not work (maybe David can confirm this?)

I fixed the configure test of the "gcc -v" output. I thought I commited
this to our local CVS, but maybe I forgot this.. Ah, what version of
CLAM are you using? You should definitely use 0.5.1, which is available
from the CLAM webpage. I will check this now. The fftw problem looks
familiar to me as well...

The thing is that we have been really busy with the 0.5.1, so our MacOS
X port has moved down in our priority list.. Sorry for keeping you


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