[CLAM] CLAM discontinuing VC6 support

Pau Arumí pau.arumi at iua.upf.es
Thu Apr 29 04:11:41 PDT 2004

Last CLAM release (0.6.1) introduced compatibility with Microsoft Visual C++ 
7.1 compiler. For that we have made several adjustments in the framework 
code, and added to our buid-system the feature of producing .vcproj files. Now 
we are planning to drop VC6 support for the next release
VC6 compiler and its standard library, is unfamous for being non-standard 
compliant. So, since CLAM is a multiplatform framework, compatibility with VC6 
has always been a major headache that have slowed down the overall 
development. At this moment, VC7 version seems to be mature, robust, popular, 
and far much more standard compliant than VC6.

An example of that problem, is that we have already implemented, in our 
development branch, some important new features that are not VC6 compatible.

For all that, and having in account that Microsoft has released a free (as 
in free beer) VC7 compiler [1], we propose to discontinue VC6 support in 
upcoming releases.

If you use CLAM with VC6, please tell us --in the list-- what do you think 
about it. Your feedback is most welcomed.

CLAM development team

[1] the compiler and libraries, not the whole IDE. 

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