[CLAM] building with fltk-1.1.5

David Garcia Garzon dgarcia at iua.upf.es
Tue Aug 3 10:03:05 PDT 2004

Hi, Martin, thanks for your feedback.

A Dimarts 03 Agost 2004 04:16, martin rumori va escriure:
> hi,
> i am new to list.
> i just managed to build CLAM/SMS-tools on debian unstable with
> fltk-1.1.5.  attached a small patch which includes fltk-1.1.5 in the
> check in aclocal.m4 to get the compiler/linker flags correctly.

It is very strange but although your modifications seems necessary, the 
current release (0.6.1) is working for us in debian sid and debian sarge 
without modifications. Only to check whether we apply correctly the patch or 
not, which errors lead you to do the changes? A link error with open gl or 

> in fltk-1.1.5rc2 apparently there is a bug in the src/Makefile
> (Fl_lock.cxx missing in CPPFILES) which leeds to unresolved symbols
> when building SMS tools (present in debian).  i sent a bug report to
> the fltk guys.

We are using standard fltk debian package. I suspect that you are compiling 
fltk yourself. Maybe it has the bugs you said are fixed in the debian patch.

> the attached patch contains a small change to configure.in as well:
> AC_PREREQ(2.50).  otherwise the debian autoconf wrapper chooses
> autoconf2.13, which does not work apparently.

We have only autoconf 2.59 installed so we didn't notice this problem before. 
We are now in the middle of an autoconf scripts remake, so i expect your 
additions will be useful for us. Thanks.


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