[CLAM] building with fltk-1.1.5

martin rumori lists at rumori.de
Tue Aug 3 11:32:17 PDT 2004

On Tue, Aug 03, 2004 at 07:03:05PM +0200, David Garcia Garzon wrote:
> > fltk-1.1.5.  attached a small patch which includes fltk-1.1.5 in the
> > check in aclocal.m4 to get the compiler/linker flags correctly.
> without modifications. Only to check whether we apply correctly the patch or 
> not, which errors lead you to do the changes? A link error with open gl or 

since there was no special check for libfltk > 1.1.4 inc aclocal.m4,
the standard was used, so fltk-config got called just with --ldflags
instead of adding --use-gl --use-images.  so all libraries not
reported by fltk-config caused the link failure (image stuff, but
mostly gl).

> > in fltk-1.1.5rc2 apparently there is a bug in the src/Makefile
> > (Fl_lock.cxx missing in CPPFILES) which leeds to unresolved symbols
> > when building SMS tools (present in debian).  i sent a bug report to
> > the fltk guys.
> We are using standard fltk debian package. I suspect that you are compiling 
> fltk yourself. Maybe it has the bugs you said are fixed in the debian patch.

no, i used the standard libfltk1.1c102/libfltk1.1-dev packages as
well, which are in normal debian unstable.  it appears to be the same
as fltk-1.1.5rc2.  after noticing the problem i started to compile it
myself in order to find the bug.

> > the attached patch contains a small change to configure.in as well:
> > AC_PREREQ(2.50).  otherwise the debian autoconf wrapper chooses
> > autoconf2.13, which does not work apparently.
> We have only autoconf 2.59 installed so we didn't notice this
> problem before.  We are now in the middle of an autoconf scripts
> remake, so i expect your additions will be useful for us. Thanks.

just renaming configure.in to configure.ac avoids the problem with the
autoconf wrapper as well, but AC_PREREQ is good style anyway.

all the best,


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