[CLAM] release announcement addendum & backward compatibility

Pau Arumi pau.arumi at iua.upf.es
Thu Feb 19 05:38:53 PST 2004

The manual --both html and pdf-- have been just updated. Major changes are in 
deployment section.

Morover,  I wanted to highlight that you can learn about the new Processings 
and other classes to deal with audio files in these examples :

    * examples/FileInfo_example.cxx
    * examples/AudioFileReading_example.cxx
    * examples/AudioFileWritiing_example.cxx 

Their build projects can be found on the build/Examples/Simple folder

Note that in this release we are just *adding* interface thus conserving 
backward compatibility. 
Consider the (old) processings AudioFile[In|Out] depracated: we are going to 
drop it out on next CLAM release. 

Pau  --  clam devel team

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