[CLAM] Onset detection in CLAM-0.5.7

Xavier Amatriain xamat at iua.upf.es
Mon Feb 2 04:03:53 PST 2004

I must say that none of them is the preferred one. We are currently 
working in integrating some code from an internal project that just 
finished which includes a better OnsetDetection algorithm. Hope to make 
it available in next release.

vegardsa at ifi.uio.no wrote:

>Of the two (nearly identical) onset detection implementations in
>CLAM-0.5.7, which is the preferred one? They are located in
>$(CLAM_PATH)/examples/SMS/ and $(CLAM_PATH)/examples/DescriptorsGUI/
>And do you plan to promote one of them into the main source code sometime
>in the future?
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