[CLAM] Qt and CLAM

Luís Gustavo Martins lmartins at inescporto.pt
Wed Feb 4 04:00:47 PST 2004


I'm trying to understand what is the support in CLAM for the Qt GUI API.

I would like to develop Qt GUI applications, but as far as I understand,
CLAM seems to have FLTK embeded in it (at least in a great part of the
CLAMVM:: classes...).

However, I also found some Qt widget classes in some places in the CLAM
distribution (e.g. CLAM\src\Visualization\Widget\Qt), but I'm having some
dificulties to figure out the whole picture...

So, my questions are:

* Does CLAM implements GUI/graphic/plot functionalities independent of the
GUI toolkit used (e.g. like an abstraction layer for functionalities such as
zoom, scroll, linear/logaritmic representation scales, etc)?

* Is it possible to compile CLAM with Qt without the need of also linking
FLTK related libraries/classes?

* What are the Qt widgets already implemented inside CLAM? Are there any
exemples (I haven´t found any... maybe not looking in the right places...)?

* Are you considering increased support for Qt in future CLAM releases? If
so, are you considering using Qt widgets like QWT plotting classes?

Well, my apologies if some of these questions may seem a bit naive... ;-)



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