[CLAM] Qt and CLAM

Miguel Ram__rez J__vega mramirez at iua.upf.es
Wed Feb 4 04:43:01 PST 2004


> I'm trying to understand what is the support in CLAM for the Qt GUI API.

Let's try to increase your understanding :)

> So, my questions are:
> * Does CLAM implements GUI/graphic/plot functionalities independent of the
> GUI toolkit used (e.g. like an abstraction layer for functionalities such as
> zoom, scroll, linear/logaritmic representation scales, etc)?

Not yet. For now, those services are only available over FLTK. However "room" was made to allow these services to be provided through Qt.

> * Is it possible to compile CLAM with Qt without the need of also linking
> FLTK related libraries/classes?
Yeah of course. Take a look on the NetworkEditor example.

> * What are the Qt widgets already implemented inside CLAM? Are there any
> exemples (I haven´t found any... maybe not looking in the right places...)?

There aren't any "official". There are just some experiments on src/Visualization/Widgets/Qt/QtGLPort.hxx,.cxx ( a simple GL canvas adapted to CLAM needs ) and src/Visualization/Widgets/Qt/QtDataDisplay.hxx,.cxx a quite generic data displayer.

> * Are you considering increased support for Qt in future CLAM releases? If
> so, are you considering using Qt widgets like QWT plotting classes?

Yes of course. However, since Qt is not Free Software on Win32 platforms some political discussion on the topic is going on. Note that the previously mentioned QtDataDisplay widget uses some Qwt widgets already. 

> Well, my apologies if some of these questions may seem a bit naive... ;-)

Don't worry. We are here to help ( or so I hope ).

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