[CLAM] SMSTools SMS Synthesis Menu/Save synthesized sound saves sinusoidal component instead of complete resynthesis sound

Xavi Rubio xrubio at iua.upf.es
Wed Jan 14 02:13:50 PST 2004

Yesterday a bug was reported to us that can affect people that is working
with SMSTools. As you can see in the subject, the "Save Synthesized Sound"
option doesn't save what it should store; instead of this, it stores only
the sinusoidal component of the synthesized sound (without residual

It has been fixed in the devel-branch, but not in 0.5.6 public release.
Although we have planned an early next release, you can fix this bug just
changing a line of code:

 StoreSound( GetSynthesizedSinusoidal() );


 StoreSound( GetSynthesizedSound() ); 
 in line 454 of examples/SMS/SMSTools.cxx.

CLAM-devel team


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