[CLAM] Building SMSTools2 from CLAM-0.5.6 in MSVC++6

Luís Gustavo Martins lmartins at inescporto.pt
Wed Jan 14 06:45:22 PST 2004


I've just downloaded CLAM 0.5.6 from the project webpage, as well as all the
necessary libraries binaries, (yes, I'm a rookie! ;-)) and followed the
steps described in the (excelent) CLAM manual (release 0.5, Revision 6) in
order to build the SMSTOOLS2 project, and consequently test my CLAM

I'm currentlly using Windows XP and MS Visual C++ 6 (SP5).

In order to compile and run successfully the SMSTOOLS project (found at
\CLAM\build\Examples\SMS\Tools\) I had to perform some minor tweaks that I
think are not documented anywhere (please correct me if I'm wrong):

* remove BasicStatistics.cxx and XercesDOMPrinter.cxx  from the project,
since they do not exist in the CLAM-0.5.6 distribution, and cause a "File
not found" error during build.

* change project settings for the RELEASE configuration at
LINK-->Object/Library Modules:
fltkgl_1_1d.lib (debug version) to fltkgl_1_1.lib (release version)
fltkimages_1_1d.lib (debug version) to fltkimages_1_1.lib (release version)
This avoids using simultaneously the release and debug MSVC C library, which
may cause errors during run-time (this situation generates a MSVC++ warning
during compile)

* I also had to go the Project Settings in MSVC++, and, as stated in the
CLAM manual (section 22.2) add the /FI"config.h" line to it, in order to
compile it.

 After this tweaks, I was able to complile withou errors, but still
receiving the following warnings:

Warning: unused variable USE_QT          (ONLY APPEARS IN RELEASE MODE!)

..\..\..\..\..\dxsdk\include\dinput.h: DIRECTINPUT_VERSION undefined.
Defaulting to version 0x0800
..\..\..\..\..\dxsdk\include\dinput.h: DIRECTINPUT_VERSION undefined.
Defaulting to version 0x0800

D:\devel\CLAM\src\Processing\ArithOps\AudioMultiplier.cxx(25) : warning
C4660: template-class specialization 'BinaryAudioOp<class
CLAM::Multiply<float> >' is already instantiated

D:\devel\CLAM\src\Data\Descriptors\SpectralDescriptors.cxx(250) : warning
C4305: '*=' : truncation from 'const double' to 'float'

I assume that some of these warnings may be safelly ignored, but
nevertheless, I list them all here for the sake of completeness.

I hope this helps,



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