[CLAM] troubles using smstools

Xavier Amatriain xamat at iua.upf.es
Thu Jul 22 05:40:22 PDT 2004


On dj, 2004-07-22 at 13:42, Yan Zhou wrote:
> Hi all,
> I downloaded CLAM-0.6.1 and external libraries. After compling, the
> SMSTools works fine(it is v 0.1.2), I can analysis, transformation and
> resynthesis audio files. But when the analysis data is saved as .sdif
> form. I could not view the frame option when next time I load the
> .sdif analysis data. 

When we save the sdif file we are in fact saving the minimum information
required for synthesis: the residual spectrum and the sinusoidal peaks.
This is less than what is needed for visualizing the "frame analysis
data". For that reason when loading from sdif we deactivate that option.
This is in fact an application logic bug that should be addressed in the
near future but for now that is what we have :(

> And after transformed, it could not be synthesised back. Therefore, I
> have to analysis the data everytime before transformation and
> synthesis could be taken. Is it the way it should work.

Uhm, what does it mean that int cannot be synthesized back. Isn't the
menu option enabled? Do you get some kind of error?

> A nother problem is I could not save analysised data as .xml form.
> When I save it as .xml file, the waiting message appears and lasts for
> several minites. Finally it terminates with errors.

XML is a very verbose and unefficient format. You should expect it to
take a lot of time and memory space if the sound is relatively long.
What is not so normal is that it gives you some errors: what kind? do
you get any message on the console? is it a system error?

Thanks for your feedback.

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