[CLAM] problems compiling #2

Jeremy Wells jez.wells at ntlworld.com
Wed May 12 12:48:44 PDT 2004

Thanks for your advice Pau

I removed unittest and got srcdeps to compile.

Next thing in the tutorial is to compile the 'SMS Tools' example.
After about 400 errors I stopped the build. I began looking at them but there are syntax, redecleration and other errors reported in lots of different include files and trying to trace all of these is impossible.

I have downloaded and installed all of the  3rd party libraries and I have made sure that my MSVC options are configured to look for these files. I have followed the download, install and compilation instructions in the manual exactly but 400 errors makes me think I must be doing something VERY wrong.

Has anyone actually downloaded the CLAM files and compiled everything successfully, first time in MSVC7?

This is not a complaint, I understand this is the very early days of a large software project, but I'm just wondering whether anyone else not directly involved in the project has been able to get this working or whether I should wait for the next release and try that.

Thanks again for the help

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