[CLAM] Problems compiling srcdeps

Pau Arumí pau.arumi at iua.upf.es
Wed May 12 03:47:12 PDT 2004

Hi Jeremy,
Right now I'm on Linux and I'm not able to open the MSVC project. But doing a 
grep of these identifiers I see that they are only used in the unit-tests 

Ignore (or even remove) the 'unittest' project of the given workspace, it its 
depracated (and so should not be in the release). And only compile the 
'srcdeps' project, which generates the needed 'srcdeps.exe'


> Hi there
> I'm just starting to look into the CLAM framework. I've been following the
> instructions for using CLAM with MSVC++ 6 (although I'm using version 7,
> but I understand the latest CLAM release is compatible with this version).
> When I attempt to build 'srcdeps' I get the following undeclared
> identifiers:
> dsp_parse_from_empty
> dsp_parse_inplace
> I have looked everywhere in the CLAM files to see where they are declared
> but I can't find any reference to them. No header files are reported as
> being missing during the build.
> What am I missing?
> Thanks in advance for any help
> Jez Wells

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