[CLAM] CLAM Success Stories

Xavier Amatriain xamat at iua.upf.es
Fri May 14 05:44:56 PDT 2004

Hi all,

When browsing through the CLAM mailinglist archive you find out that
most of the messages are about problems when installing and deploying

The usual cycle seems to be:

1. User gets to know CLAM
2. User tries to install it on his/her system
3. User has problems and writes to the mailing list
4. User gets CLAM working (or not) 
5. We know nothing else about the User

This is of course a usual thing in similar situations. But we would like
to make this list a bit more attractive and try in the future to build a
sort of Clamming Community.

Our first proposal is to invite users to write Success Stories:

- Are you using CLAM for any kind of interesting project? Please comment
it on the list even if it is only half baked.
- Have you used other similar frameworks? Please report your experiences
and relate them to CLAM.

We know of some people using CLAM at McGill, Porto, CNMAT at Berkeley
but we do not know what exactly (if anything) is going on. I think we
could all benefit from sharing these experiences.

PD. This is only the first of a few actions we would like to take in
this line. We will keep you informed.

xamat at clamdevel

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