[CLAM] problems compiling #2

Xavier Amatriain xamat at iua.upf.es
Thu May 13 02:22:40 PDT 2004

BTW. What version of MSVC7 are you using? 7.0 or 7.1? If you are on 7.0 
you may have some problems because we haven't tested on it although the 
compiler in that version is still the same that was in VC6.

Jeremy Wells wrote:

> Thanks for your advice Pau
> I removed unittest and got srcdeps to compile.
> Next thing in the tutorial is to compile the 'SMS Tools' example.
> After about 400 errors I stopped the build. I began looking at them 
> but there are syntax, redecleration and other errors reported in lots 
> of different include files and trying to trace all of these is impossible.
> I have downloaded and installed all of the  3rd party libraries and I 
> have made sure that my MSVC options are configured to look for these 
> files. I have followed the download, install and compilation 
> instructions in the manual exactly but 400 errors makes me think I 
> must be doing something VERY wrong.
> Has anyone actually downloaded the CLAM files and compiled everything 
> successfully, first time in MSVC7?
> This is not a complaint, I understand this is the very early days of a 
> large software project, but I'm just wondering whether anyone else not 
> directly involved in the project has been able to get this working or 
> whether I should wait for the next release and try that.
> Thanks again for the help
> Jez

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