[CLAM] LNK problems with SMS console and batch

azeem at libero.it azeem at libero.it
Wed Jan 19 07:31:15 PST 2005

Hi all, I reply to the message of David (thanks for the hints!), with the little
tests I made on SMS console and SMS batch.

> > Firstly I changed in settings.cfg the following line
> > USE_ALSA =3D 1
> > for
> > USE_ALSA =3D 0
> > (since I work under windows..)
> Platform specific 'USE_X''s, like USE_ALSA, have no effect on other platfor=
> ms.=20
> Don't worry about that.

the fact is that if I don't change that line srcdeps.exe doesn't finish

> > then (after doing successfully srcdeps) I encountered the following linking
> >
> > SMSBatch error LNK2001: simbolo esterno "public: virtual void __thiscall
> > xercesc_2_3::AbstractDOMParser::TextDecl(unsigned short const *
> > const,unsigned short const * const)"
> > (?TextDecl at AbstractDOMParser@xercesc_2_3@@UAEXQBG0 at Z) non risolto
> > ... (92 similar errors)

> That bug might be an acknoledged bug in the srcdeps Visual project 
> generation.
> Some libraries are not added to the project linker library options in 
> Debug mode. As a workarround you can try compiling it in Release 
> mode or manually adding the library to the project. Let us know if it 
> worked. You may want to file the bug on [1]Mantis so we can keep
> the track.
> [1] https://iua-share.upf.es/mantis

I tried compiling in Release mode and it worked good. Moreover the applications
(both SMS Console and Batch) execute fine with all wave inputs files I've tried.
I still can't add manually the xercesc library (it seems well added by the
srcdeps program in the 'VC7-workspace' .vproj file; in other words it seems
added just like the others external libraries as fttw..). By the way this can be
due to the very poor knowledge I have with VC7.

I tried to compile the previous versions (with CLAM-0.6.1 with VC++6) of SMS
batch and console and it worked fine, along with the executions of the
applications' (both release and debug) binaries.

Regards, Giacomo Sommavilla, Padova.

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