[CLAM] SMSBatch linking errors

David Garcia Garzon dgarcia at iua.upf.es
Mon Jan 17 08:58:18 PST 2005

Hello, Andrea. Thanks for the feedback.

A Dilluns 17 Gener 2005 15:11, azeem at libero.it va escriure:
> Hi all!
> I'm an italian student trying to get SMSBatch working. The OS I work under
> is windows 2000 (and I'm compiling with VC 7.1).
> Firstly I changed in settings.cfg the following line
> USE_ALSA = 1
> for
> USE_ALSA = 0
> (since I work under windows..)

Platform specific 'USE_X''s, like USE_ALSA, have no effect on other platforms. 
Don't worry about that.

> then (after doing successfully srcdeps) I encountered the following linking
> errors:
> SMSBatch error LNK2001: simbolo esterno "public: virtual void __thiscall
> xercesc_2_3::AbstractDOMParser::TextDecl(unsigned short const *
> const,unsigned short const * const)"
> (?TextDecl at AbstractDOMParser@xercesc_2_3@@UAEXQBG0 at Z) non risolto
> SMSBatch error LNK2001: simbolo esterno "public: virtual void __thiscall
> xercesc_2_3::AbstractDOMParser::startExtSubset(void)"
> (?startExtSubset at AbstractDOMParser@xercesc_2_3@@UAEXXZ) non risolto
> ... (92 similar errors)
> I have downloaded the Xercesc library from
> http://www.iua.upf.es/mtg/clam/download/xercesc-2.3.0-VC6-build1.zip
> and put the unzipped files in \xercesc (at the same level as CLAM)

That bug might be an acknoledged bug in the srcdeps Visual project generation. 
Some libraries are not added to the project linker library options in Debug 
mode. As a workarround you can try compiling it in Release mode or manually 
adding the library to the project. Let us know if it worked. You may want to 
file the bug on [1]Mantis so we can keep the track.
[1] https://iua-share.upf.es/mantis

> I have compiled successfully SMSTools, but I still can't compile (better,
> link) the SMSBatch program.

That may be the same problem. If previous workarrounds worked, try

> Moreover, executing compiled SMSTools, I encountered some execution
> problems, such as "runtime error" when attempting to extract the melody
> from an analyzed wav audio.

Please, fill a different bug report for that, and attach the analysis 
configuration, the SMSTools version and other information you could feel 


David García Garzón <david.garcia at removespam.iua.upf.es>
Phone: 034 93 542 21 99
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