[CLAM] CLAM 0.7 Configuration on OS X.3

Paul Kosek kosek at music.mcgill.ca
Thu Jan 13 09:57:43 PST 2005

What path should I add to DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH?
It presently contains paths to all the external libraries.

I did, however, just discover that the program can run if I execute

open SMSTools.app/

in the terminal window.


On Thu, 13 Jan 2005, Maarten de Boer wrote:

> > I am very excited to say that SMSTools compiled as well, but now the 
> > program closes immediately when opened.  Any suggestions?
> Hm, without showing anything? Clicking on the icon?
> That sounds like it can't find the dynamic libraries. Try either to
> add the DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH to your profile, or set it by hand, and
> execute SMSTools from the command line.
> maarten

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