[CLAM] Mysterious compilation errors

Pau Arumi parumi at iua.upf.es
Thu May 19 05:16:59 PDT 2005

You are right David. At Linux Audio Conference I tried to compile CLAM 
(in Yann Orlarey laptop) with a gcc 3.4 and we run into these exact 

Then we managed to fix it quite easily but, alas, I did not save the 
changes so we'll have to do it again.  I'll try to get the patch for 
ready for tomorrow

BTW, we are expecting to release CLAM 0.8 next week.

Best regards


David Garcia Garzon wrote:

>Firstly we are using gcc 3.3.5. Maybe there is some C++ standard addons on gcc 
>3.4.3 that could make our namespace usage obsolete. Try to compile some plain 
>application (build/Examples/Simple/Configurator is one that is fast to 
>compile and uses this header for sure). If it fails, then the problem is a 
>new way of dealling namespaces and template specializations in gcc 3.4 and it 
>would be nice if you can give us some feedback to solve this.
>But, if it works it should be due to any inclusions or using directive you do 
>before CLAM inclusions. Maybe moving CLAM includes before your project 
>includes and any 'using' directive, and removing 'using' directives out of 
>any header could help.
>A Dijous 19 Maig 2005 12:16, Vegard Sandvold va escriure:
>>this seems to be my week of assorted CLAM issues, this time on Linux.
>>I have configure CLAM-0.7.0 on my Fedora Core 3/PlanetCCRMA machine, using
>>a 2.6.10-2.1.ll.rhfc3.ccrma kernel and gcc (GCC) 3.4.3 20050227 (Red Hat
>>3.4.3-22.fc3) compiler. Specifically, I configured without qwt, portmidi
>>and portaudio.
>>When I try to compile my app, I get bucket loads of the following kind of
>>/usr/local/src/CLAM-0.7.0/src/Defines/TypeInfo.hxx:61: error: extra
>>qualification ignored
>>/usr/local/src/CLAM-0.7.0/src/Defines/TypeInfo.hxx:61: error: explicit
>>specialization of non-template `CLAM::<anonymous class>'
>>/usr/local/src/CLAM-0.7.0/src/Defines/TypeInfo.hxx:61: error: abstract
>>declarator `CLAM::<anonymous class>' used as declaration
>>Seems unlikely that there is something fundamentaly wrong with CLAM. Can
>>there be anything wrong with my setup?

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