[CLAM] SMSTools / Network Editor - crashes

Pau Arumi parumi at iua.upf.es
Mon Oct 24 08:59:15 PDT 2005

This problem seems quite wierd.
What sound card are you using?

I recommend you to try the CLAM simple example that uses alsa: 
in  CLAM/build/Examples/Simple/AudioApplication/
and report what happens to the list.


En/na Jay LeBoeuf ha escrit:

>Hi Xavier,
>I'm using PlanetCCRMA with FC3, and all seems well with other ALSA apps.
>(AlsaPlayer, Audacity, etc)
>When SMSTools quits, it does output :
>          terminate called after throwing an instance of 'SndPcmError'
>          what():
>          Aborted
>The alsa highlights of my CLAM configure script seemed to indicate (to me)
>that all was working :
>    checking alsa usage specified... yes (default)
>    checking alsa in sandbox... searching headers
>    checking alsa/asoundlib.h for alsa in sandbox... no
>    checking alsa header(s) found in sandbox... no
>    checking alsa has pkg-config... yes
>                    ...
>    checking compiling, linking and running with alsa... ok
>                    ....
>    alsa         YES     SUCCESS      HAS_ALSA=1 , USE_ALSA
>Is this helpful ?  Anything else you'd recommend?  (I rebuilt everything,
>but with no luck)
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>From: "Xavier Amatriain" <xavier at create.ucsb.edu>
>To: "Jay LeBoeuf" <jleboeuf at ccrma.Stanford.EDU>
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>Sent: Tuesday, October 18, 2005 4:29 PM
>Subject: Re: [CLAM] SMSTools / Network Editor - crashes
>>Hi Jay,
>>You are probably right, it sounds like you have some problems with the
>>ALSA configuration. Don't you get some sort of message saying something
>>like "No Device available...". Is alsa well configured in your system?
>>Do you have any program that might be blocking the ALSA driver while you
>>are trying to execute CLAM? Did the output of the CLAM configure script
>>tell you that you had ALSA correctly installed?
>>Jay LeBoeuf wrote:
>>>Hi All,
>>>I'm probably missing something simple.  CLAM, SMSTools, and the
>>>NetworkEditor all seem to build without error.
>>>SMSTools crashes when I try to play any audio, after analyzing it.
>>>Additionally, my machine locks and freezes when I tell the NetworkEditor
>>>to START.
>>>(This occurs without any blocks,  or if I configure a simple spectral
>>>processing block.)
>>>Is there a step to configure the CLAM Apps for ALSA that I'm missing?
>>>thanks again,

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