[CLAM] about sms.m and CLAM FundFreqDetect

Neediss Gu neediss at gmail.com
Fri Jul 21 00:43:00 PDT 2006

 Dear Dr. Xavier and CLAM all,
    I am now diving into fundamental freq detect. My C code using the TWM
method gives out some strange result. So I am now pilot sms.m to assist me
with the C code debug. I have implemented the F0 detect method used in
Praat, which is a good speech analysis software a few days ago.
Unfortunately it can not be used to SMS.
    As the harmonic plus noise model can be used to do a lot of things such
as speech morph or music analysis, I am now eager to implement it.
    But without harmonic plus noise model (or sinsoidal model), I have no
other candidate choice. Can someone give me some suggestion?

    BWT, SMS may can not handle the transient? Is it right? If someone has a
binary of Sinsoid+Noise+Transient model, can I play it?

================ 1 SMS.m ==============
"http://www2.hsu-hh.de/ant/dafx2002/DAFX_Book_Page/matlab.html . We have
tracked a couple of books and I have a fixed version for our code somewhere.
If you start getting into it I can send it to you."

I have downloaded the sms.m and piloted it. I found that the first synthesis
frame got some errors, the amplitude is so big, maybe somewhere has a bug.
If you can find the fixed version, can you give me a copy? Thanks very much.

================ 2 CLAM FundFreqDetect.cxx ==============
"FundFreqDetect.cxx" line 175.
It may never be executed. And I can not catch the mean of x,y,a,b.

"FundFreqDetect.cxx" line 339. // if(candidates2Error[j] >
It may never be executed too.

Gu Renmin (Charles Neediss)
Image, Graph, Video, Speech, Audio, ...
CS Dept. of Tongji University, Shanghai, China
Cell:   +(086) 013816064123
Work hard, work smart!!!
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