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Rettenbacher, Bernhard bernhard.rettenbacher at joanneum.at
Wed Nov 15 07:02:03 PST 2006


I want to use CLAM (0.91) for real time audio analysis. I tried very hard to build the framework on windows, using RtAudio (ASIO) and PortAudio (ASIO). Loads of code corrections were necessary but at least i got the ready built framework. But AudioIO won't work! The AudioManager only returns an empty devicelist. I have no idea how a specific audio architecture/device gets used.

@Pau: You told me to to use the NetworkPlayer - but what i need is a recorder. Is there a "NetworkRecorder" planned? When will the QT4 port of the NetworkEditor be available for Windows? And one of the most important questions: when will a QT4-version of the framework be available?



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> > Hi all,
> >
> > im new to CLAM. It looks very nice to me, im now in doing a 
> evaluation
> > of your system. I passed the building procedure and have 
> tried out some
> > examples (scons build and vc7 ide). The tutorial examples work well.
> > Now the problem: I tried out the AudioIOExample and all I 
> get is this
> > message:
> >
> > AudioManager::FindOrCreateDevice(): Don't have a list of "rtaudio"
> > devices.
> > Maybe you are not specifying any library to play sound (alsa,
> > rtaudio...)
> >
> > As I think the problem is in the build procedure, I send you my
> > clam.conf:
> >
> >   
> Hi,
> The problem is not in the build but in the code.
> So this example is basically broken for Windows. I think the best
> option is to change the backend to portaaudio. But I don't know if
> this is trivial or not.
> However, instead of fixing this very old example, I prefere to write
> a new audio IO example based on NetworkPlayers, which is the
> easier way to interact with clam processings in streaming/real-time.
> Since we are currently porting the totally re-written NetworkEditor
> (Qt4) to windows, we'll deal with it soon.
> Please note that, at the moment, development with clam is better
> supported in Linux or even Mac than Windows. (However we'll keep
> providing apps binaries for Windows.)
> Cheers!
> Pau
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