[CLAM] Re: Re: rtaudio on windows

Pau Arumi parumi at iua.upf.edu
Wed Nov 15 11:15:12 PST 2006

Hi Bernhard,

Last few days we've been working on the windows platform and it is 
almost ready.
Actually testfarm (automatic builds and tests) shows green for both 
linux and windows.
Including network editor and prototyper, based on Qt4 :-)

AudioIO in windows:
This is our current focus, beginning with a portaudio back-end for 
NetworkPlayer (the engine of networkeditor and prototyper). Simpler 
AudioIn/Out is also in the agenda (lower priority).

If you think your changes might be interesting to incorporate, please 
mail us a patch.
On the lines of giving support to windows, we are also working on a 
how-to-compile in the wiki and provide all needed external libraries. 
We'll appreciate feedback on that. Stay tuned.

Finally, subversion access:
CLAM repository have been ported to subversion. We've found a lots of 
benefits on using subversion instead of cvs,
for example, better access management and ease to re-organize the source 
So, anonymous read-only access to the subversion repository should be 
ready tomorrow!

And the high traffic devel-list is also going public. Hopefully tomorrow.


Bernhard, a NetworkPlayer do can record audio. But if your app is does 
not streaming probably you don't want a NP. Well, share thoughts about 
your project if you seek advice.

En/na Rettenbacher, Bernhard ha escrit:
> Hi,
> I want to use CLAM (0.91) for real time audio analysis. I tried very hard to build the framework on windows, using RtAudio (ASIO) and PortAudio (ASIO). Loads of code corrections were necessary but at least i got the ready built framework. But AudioIO won't work! The AudioManager only returns an empty devicelist. I have no idea how a specific audio architecture/device gets used.
> @Pau: You told me to to use the NetworkPlayer - but what i need is a recorder. Is there a "NetworkRecorder" planned? When will the QT4 port of the NetworkEditor be available for Windows? And one of the most important questions: when will a QT4-version of the framework be available?

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