[Clam] rtaudio on windows

Rettenbacher, Bernhard bernhard.rettenbacher at joanneum.at
Fri Oct 6 07:12:49 PDT 2006

Hi all,

im new to CLAM. It looks very nice to me, im now in doing a evaluation
of your system. I passed the building procedure and have tried out some
examples (scons build and vc7 ide). The tutorial examples work well. 

Now the problem: I tried out the AudioIOExample and all I get is this

AudioManager::FindOrCreateDevice(): Don't have a list of "rtaudio"
Maybe you are not specifying any library to play sound (alsa,

As I think the problem is in the build procedure, I send you my

prefix = 'd:\\lib'
sandbox_path = 'd:\\lib\\CLAM\\devel'
release = 0
double = 1
sandbox = 1
checks = 1
release_asserts = 0
with_fftw = 1
with_nr_fft = 1
with_sndfile = 1
with_oggvorbis = 1
with_mad = 1
with_id3 = 1
with_portmidi = 1
qt_includes = 'D:\\lib\\Qt3\\include'
qt_libs = 'D:\\lib\\Qt3\\lib'

best regards

Bernhard Rettenbacher

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