[CLAM] synthesizing SMS models in Pd

Richard Dobson richarddobson at blueyonder.co.uk
Fri Dec 14 09:30:19 PST 2007

Rich E wrote:
> Okay, sorry for getting into too much pd stuff... I basically just
> need to know what needs to be done to the 1STF data before I can
> synthesize it.  Is it ready to go, or is windowing still necessary?
> Should the frames be overlapped?

It's plain real/imaginary DFT data. SO in that sense yes it is ready to 
go straight into the IFFT. It will almost certainly require windowing. 
If you haven't already done so, you will neded to check the formal 
definition of the 1STF format e.g. at:


SDIF is famous/notorious for being particularly "loose" about 
definitions and content. In short, each frame (matrix) is time-stamped 
(from the centre of the window, because they like doing things that 
way), and you have to determine the overlap from that (which means you 
have to read at least two frames before you can start rendering, so this 
is not  a true real-time streaming format; one would assume the overlap 
is constant, but the format does not see the need to mandate it); there 
should be a 1WIN matrix that defines the window to use. Beyond that, all 
I can say is "good luck"!

Richard Dobson

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