[CLAM] synthesizing SMS models in Pd

Richard Dobson richarddobson at blueyonder.co.uk
Fri Dec 14 16:34:03 PST 2007

Rich E wrote:

> However, I do not see the 1WIN matrix within the SMS-produced files.  I 
> assumed it is a triangle window with an overlap factor of 2 (this is the 
> default settings in SMSTools), but of course this can be changed, in 
> which case I would not know how to find the windowing function.  

I see from this reference:


that the 1WIN matrix is optional (a good example of SDIF looseness, not 
mentioned on the CNMAT page). It is by far the most usual scenario that 
the folk rendering an SDIF file are the folk who created it, so they 
know what they did! It's absence is understandable in a way, as if used 
the 1WIN matrix is supposed to be included in each 1STF frame, the point 
of which I do not see unless the window can change from one frame to the 
next! Perhaps they meant to say it could optionally be included in the 
first framne, but not subsequently, which would be reasonable. The 
upshot though is that for complete robustness (i.e. not just based on 
knowing what SMS tools happen to do) you have to check each frame for 
it, just in case.

That page also links to a page of defined window types (identified by 
nuymber); curiously, BlackmanHarris92 is not listed, as such. Perhaps it 
has a pseudonym.

Richard Dobson

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