[CLAM] .pro-file not found

Pau Arumi parumi at iua.upf.edu
Tue Mar 13 04:01:11 PDT 2007

Please always respond list mails also to the list. it may
interest other people, and it's likely you get better feedback.

En/na Stefan Kragh ha escrit:
> Hello,
> So the example files worked.. Then I tried this 
> (http://iua-share.upf.edu/wikis/clam/index.php/Manual_Annotator):
> [...]
> I get error messages several times during this process.
> Error, reading '../Users/stefan/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music/Air France/On 
> Trade Winds/02 Karibien.mp3.chords: Details:
> Unable to open the document source
>  Do I need to prepare a .chords-file? I noticed some files that seemed 
> associated to the sample mp3s. I laso get this error message:
> Error: Unable to launch the extractor.
> Check that the project extractor is well configured and you have 
> permissions to run it.
> The configured command was:
> ChordExtractor

this second error is the problem: i've just checked that 
ChordExtractor is not included in the .dmg.
this week david and me we'll do an update of mac apps packaging. 
however, please fill a bug report so we don't forget about it:

(of course you can always build the apps from the source. but 
compiling dependent libs and clam takes time

btw, which mac arch do you have, intel or powerpc?

on the other hand, if you want to test the chord extraction 
feature, i recommend you to use network-editor (should work on 
mac), with the bonus that performs real-time.

> Is there someplace in particular that I need to place 
> the Annotator-0.3.6 folder that I downloaded and unzipped?

no particular place. actually you only need the Samples/ sub-dir.


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