[CLAM] Segmentation View in Qt Designer

Ryan Brubaker ryan.brubaker at gmail.com
Fri Apr 24 11:10:13 PDT 2009

Is there a Chord Segmentation View widget plugin for Qt Designer?

I'm trying to create a simple test app using Network Editor, Prototyper and
Qt Designer. Basically, I just want to allow a user to open a file and use a
TonalAnalysis control to display what chord was played. I can select a
SegmentationView in Network Editor but I'm not seeing any corresponding Qt
widget in Qt Designer (using the Qt Designer (4.4.0) from the CLAM Windows
binary downloads).

I'm able to compile CLAM/Network Editor (using Qt 4.5.0...getting compiler
when trying to build against Qt4.4.0). When I try to import the
CLAMWidget.dll from my build into my qt plugins\designer folder, the plugin
does not load successfully. Choosing Help/About Plugins reveals the
following error:
Cannot load library c:/qt/4.5.0/plugins/designer/CLAMWidgets.dll: The
specified module could not be found.

I'm assuming that is due to one of the verification errors listed on this

Any insight would be appreciated.

Thanks...and very cool framework btw.

Ryan Brubaker
Software Developer
Art & Logic, Inc. - Custom Software Development Since 1991
(626) 379-4454
rbrubaker at artlogic.com
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