[CLAM] Segmentation View in Qt Designer

David García Garzón dgarcia at iua.upf.edu
Fri Apr 24 23:00:17 PDT 2009

Um... maybe clam dlls should be installed at the PATH. I don't know for sure. 
We are not regular windows users so any feedback or insight on how clam should 
behave on that platform is very welcome.

I also guess that you can not see the SegmentationView but neither any other 
CLAM widget. Is that true or does it happens just with that widget.


A Friday 24 April 2009 20:10:13, Ryan Brubaker va escriure:
> Is there a Chord Segmentation View widget plugin for Qt Designer?
> I'm trying to create a simple test app using Network Editor, Prototyper and
> Qt Designer. Basically, I just want to allow a user to open a file and use
> a TonalAnalysis control to display what chord was played. I can select a
> SegmentationView in Network Editor but I'm not seeing any corresponding Qt
> widget in Qt Designer (using the Qt Designer (4.4.0) from the CLAM Windows
> binary downloads).
> I'm able to compile CLAM/Network Editor (using Qt 4.5.0...getting compiler
> when trying to build against Qt4.4.0). When I try to import the
> CLAMWidget.dll from my build into my qt plugins\designer folder, the plugin
> does not load successfully. Choosing Help/About Plugins reveals the
> following error:
> Cannot load library c:/qt/4.5.0/plugins/designer/CLAMWidgets.dll: The
> specified module could not be found.
> I'm assuming that is due to one of the verification errors listed on this
> page:
> http://doc.trolltech.com/4.5/plugins-howto.html
> Any insight would be appreciated.
> Thanks...and very cool framework btw.
> Ryan Brubaker
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> rbrubaker at artlogic.com
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David García Garzón
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