[CLAM] Voice2MIDI does not find

Eduard Castells edcastells at gmail.com
Mon Jan 5 04:45:37 PST 2009


As a user, I am interested in the Voice2MIDI functionality and, the first
thing to say, is that it seems (from your wikis and doc) like the newest
versions of CLAM do not seem to take in account this application. Can you
please confirm your development and support roadmap for it?

One of the reasons to ask that is that I tried two different installations
in Musix-GNULinux and Windows XP and in both cases I obtained this message:

"MIDI support is not available in your system", in Windows XP I had the
conventional Microsoft software GS synthetiser and in Linux I had
timidity++. Do I need something else?

Thanks in advance.. bon any i molts regals de reis ;-)
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