[CLAM] Voice2MIDI does not find

Pau Arumi parumi at iua.upf.edu
Wed Jan 7 01:25:08 PST 2009

En/na Eduard Castells ha escrit:
> Hi,
> As a user, I am interested in the Voice2MIDI functionality and, the 
> first thing to say, is that it seems (from your wikis and doc) like 
> the newest versions of CLAM do not seem to take in account this 
> application. Can you please confirm your development and support 
> roadmap for it?
> One of the reasons to ask that is that I tried two different 
> installations in Musix-GNULinux and Windows XP and in both cases I 
> obtained this message:
> "MIDI support is not available in your system", in Windows XP I had 
> the conventional Microsoft software GS synthetiser and in Linux I had 
> timidity++. Do I need something else?
> Thanks in advance.. bon any i molts regals de reis ;-)
> Eduard

Hola Eduard,
I'm afraid that improving Voice2Midi is currenlty not in the agenda of 
core developers, and we neither test it often, so it might suffer 
However, please file a bug report (find the link in the web) for this 
error -- it might be an issue easy to fix.

Also note that there is currently some efforts on bringing midi messages 
into NetworkEditor  (which begun as a GSoC project), therefore, it is 
likely that there will be a real-time network (and "prototyped" 
applications) that converts audio to midi.


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