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Murray Meehan murray.meehan at gmail.com
Thu Aug 25 02:49:54 PDT 2011


The "Bugreporting" link on the front page of http://clam-project.org is
broken. It should probably be set to "

That bug tracker hasn't been used since 2007, however. Is there a more
recent one? If not, I suggest that the project page on lafarga.cat be shut
down or at least the bugs on the site be closed.

The CLAM website and wiki also have these broken links, to add to the


I understand that the core developers would prefer to use the bug tracker
only for non-immediately-solvable bugs, and I am willing to help with bug
tracking duties if you would like, but having a bug tracker online which we
don't use will confuse and depress new users, when they see a pile of old
open bug reports which will cause them to assume that CLAM is an inactive
project. Which it isn't, I say :)

-- Murray
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