[CLAM] Quality of TickExtractor Example

Daniela Choquet fh at daniela-choquet.de
Fri Aug 12 02:01:34 PDT 2011

Hi everyone,

does anybody now something about the quality of the TickExtractorExe
provided in the examples? I had ground truth information about meter and
tempo (BPM) and I tested over 37 songs (Ballroom dance style). But the
outputs are far from correct. In over 50% I get a wrong meter and the
tempo doesn't seems to be even nearly the correct one most of the time.
(And no half or duble value of the correct value either, as I expected
for error).

I used mp3 files and extracted the value
<Simac:Meter numerator='4' denominator='4' />  for meter and
<Simac:BeatsPerMinute value='52' />  for tempo.

Did I anything wrong? I tried ogg and wav files too but there where the
same wrong values.

Thank you for reading (and hopefully answering)!


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