[CLAM] Analogsignal to Midi and Qt Stuff

Gerald Mwangi gerald.mwangi at gmx.de
Tue Dec 6 02:58:24 PST 2011

Hi Guys,
First i would like to say that I'm very impressed of CLAM. It seems to
just what i was looking for.
I started developing a program that take a Guitarsignal (monophone) and
transforms it to a midi/control message to drive oscillators and
external Synths. To do this I use the SMSAnalysisCore for Peak and
Fundamental detection followed by the Fund2Control(2Midi) processing.
This work quit well for monophone signal (single notes on the Guitar),
but i would like to explore the possibility of transforming polyphone
signal with up to 6 notes to get the 6 Fundamentals. Therefore the
question: is there anyway of building a network to do this in CLAM with
the current processings,
or would I have to write my own processing.
I have some basic knowledge in signal processing since i work in the
image processing field, so I could develope such a processing if you
could give the literature.

My second question is rather technical: My application is in Qt so how
can I expose the controls of a network to the layout managers (QLayout,
QScrollArea) I use. Right now I' ve subclassed QWidget the following way

using namespace CLAM;

class SynthControl : public QWidget
	explicit SynthControl(QWidget *parent = 0,FloatInControl* control=0);
public slots:
	void valChanged(int val); // Connected to valChanged Signal of mknob
	QSynthKnob* mknob;
	QLabel* mknoblabel;
	FloatInControl* mControl;

The FloatInControl I get from the specific processing I want to control.
Does CLAM actually expose such widgets directly through the CLAM::Network class?

Thanx in advance,
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