[CLAM] note/chord scoring

David García Garzón david.garcia at barcelonamedia.org
Mon Dec 5 09:44:15 PST 2011

On Monday 05 December 2011 15:27:48 Jean-Luc Menut wrote:
> Hello all,
> Inspired by Rocksmith (http://rocksmith.ubi.com/rocksmith/en-US/home/)
> and JamOrigin tools (http://www.jamorigin.com/main/), I was wondering
> how difficult it could be to implement, with clam, a system of "scoring"
> single notes and chords made by a guitar plugged on a computer (without
> any effect added).
> The goal would be to display notes/chords to a player, to record him,
> and to compare the recording to what was supposed to be played to know
> if it was correct or not.
> It seems to be easier than recognize chords from a song because 1) there
> is no other instrument/voice/effect playing at the same time 2) we know
> what is supposed to be played.
> Any opinion or advice is welcome
> best regards,
> Jean-Luc
> PS : If you aware of another framework/library more suitable for my
> needs, I'm also interested.
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Take a look to the Voice2Midi application in the CLAM subversion. It should be 
something quite similar.

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