[CLAM] Is this project still active (and still no Lucid packages)?

Pau Arumí pau.arumi at barcelonamedia.org
Mon Feb 7 08:38:30 PST 2011

El ds 05 de 02 de 2011 a les 13:29 +0100, en/na Mark Dammer va escriure:
> I just stumbled across CLAM and find the website and the software very 
> inspiring. But I wonder if this project is still under active 
> development. The fact that there are still no packages for Ubuntu 
> 10.04LTS "Lucid" - what was discussed in the mailing lists since almost 
> a year ago makes me wonder if this project is still under active 
> development.
> thanks for any update, Mark

Hi Mark,
yes the project is well active. However the svn log is a better
thermometer of activity than the web or mailing list.
Lead developers/maintainers are working at BarcelonaMedia and using clam
extensively for prototyping their real-time systems. Therefore the main
activity is in the networks real-time infrastructure (including ladspa
and lv2 plugins), the NetworkEditor and python modules to generate and
modify networks.
Though most of the signal processing we develop at BM nowadays about
spatial audio is kept private, the CLAM infrastructure improvements are
always public and GPL.

About Ubuntu packages: David is your man i wait him to answer.


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