[CLAM] Is this project still active (and still no Lucid packages)?

MarkD clunymark at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Feb 16 03:37:23 PST 2011

thanks for this amazing work - I did not expect working Lucid packages 
so quick!
all the best,

On 15/02/11 17:16, David García Garzón wrote:
> On Tuesday 15 February 2011 14:31:44 David García Garzón wrote:
>> On Friday 11 February 2011 21:05:05 David García Garzón wrote:
>>> On Monday 07 February 2011 17:38:30 Pau Arumí wrote:
>>>> El ds 05 de 02 de 2011 a les 13:29 +0100, en/na Mark Dammer va escriure:
>>>>> I just stumbled across CLAM and find the website and the software
>>>>> very inspiring. But I wonder if this project is still under active
>>>>> development. The fact that there are still no packages for Ubuntu
>>>>> 10.04LTS "Lucid" - what was discussed in the mailing lists since
>>>>> almost a year ago makes me wonder if this project is still under
>>>>> active development.
>>>>> thanks for any update, Mark
>>>> Hi Mark,
>>>> yes the project is well active. However the svn log is a better
>>>> thermometer of activity than the web or mailing list.
>>>> Lead developers/maintainers are working at BarcelonaMedia and using
>>>> clam extensively for prototyping their real-time systems. Therefore
>>>> the main activity is in the networks real-time infrastructure
>>>> (including ladspa and lv2 plugins), the NetworkEditor and python
>>>> modules to generate and modify networks.
>>>> Though most of the signal processing we develop at BM nowadays about
>>>> spatial audio is kept private, the CLAM infrastructure improvements are
>>>> always public and GPL.
>>>> About Ubuntu packages: David is your man i wait him to answer.
>>>> Cheers,
>>>> P
>>> I am currently working on having ubuntu packages for maverick based on
>>> subversion snapshots. Once they are ready, at your request, i will try to
>>> backport them to lucid, but no warranty: last time i tried i found some
>>> show stopper dependency problems. I just don't want to expend too much
>>> time on that again, sorry.
>>> We are few developers and package building steal too much hours from
>>> developing the framework and its applications, which should be our main
>>> focus between releases. While we provide some binaries when we do a new
>>> release, packaging for every platform/distro/version should be something
>>> that people working on those platforms do.
>>> If you want to help but you can't maintain the packages yourself, please,
>>> file or vote bug reports for you distro asking for maintained CLAM
>>> packages. Thanks.
>>> As i have the packages I will send a new mail to the list.
>>> David.
>> Subversion based packages for maverick are built[1], just libs, plugins,
>> NetEditor and chordata. Not even tested if they work properly (i am in
>> natty) so please, give me any feedback on succes or failure.
>> [1] http://clam-project.org/download/linux-ubuntu-maverick/svnsnapshots/
>> Now trying to build for lucid[2], although i got the expected dependency
>> problems i think i found some solutions, which won't be accepted by debian
>> policy guardians but allows the same packaging work in both lucid and
>> maverick.
>> [2] http://clam-project.org/download/linux-ubuntu-lucid/svnsnapshots/
>> David.
> Lucid packages finished too.
> David.

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