[Clam-devel] IMPORTANT: more changes to build system

Pau Arumi parumi at iua.upf.edu
Thu May 17 05:02:12 PDT 2007

After recent improvement "force configure on every scons
option=val", i've just commited another row of changes.

prefix options clarification. (Please reed the following log).
You'll notice that when doing scons on an application, it will
request the "prefix" option: well this is what it used to be
install_prefix: where do you want to install the app.
other changes should be transparent.

Note that the "prefix" is consistent on all SConstructs, and
normal users only have to worry about prefix and clam_prefix.
Pretty obvious, isn't it?
All other changes (including clam.conf->options.cache rename)
should be transparent to users.


commit 10119

  * CLAM install_prefix option is now: prefix_for_packaging (not
    to be used by normal users)
  * CLAM/clam.conf file is now options.cache for coherence with
    all other cache files
  * apps install_prefix option is now: prefix, for coherence with
    CLAM prefix option. besides "prefix" is a standard option
  * CLAM tests doesn't need install_prefix anymore
  * CLAM/INSTALL instructions have been updated accordingly
  * all debian rules and fedora spec files have been updated
  * all testfarm scripts have been updated
  * FIX for MSVC in SMSTools: added opengl lib

commit 10120
  * CLAM SConstruct: default with_ladspa=1 only on linux
  * CLAM SConstruct: scons does NEVER configure when --help
    command line option is provided

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