[Clam-devel] Re: ebowsynth plugin: clean up + exception

Greg Kellum greg.kellum at gmail.com
Sun Oct 28 08:36:23 PDT 2007

Hi Pau,

I updated the test data for the ebow Synth in the svn repository.  The
exception that you were getting was due to the XML metadata being out
of date.  I had actually tried to update the test data back in
September I think, but at the time I couldn't get SVN to accept my

Did you already delete the files in NE/src/ebowsynthesizer/toreview?
I just did an update on my SVN source tree, and there was no longer a
NE/src/ebowsynthesizer folder.  In any case all the code that had been
in that directory could be deleted.  I had already moved everything
valuable out of it to the plugins directory.


On 10/19/07, Pau Arumi <parumi at iua.upf.edu> wrote:
> Hi Greg (ccing to clam-devel)
> Two questions about the ebow synthesizer: In order to clean up the
> NetworkEditor directory I've moved all files in NE/src/ebowsynthesizer
> that are not in plugins/continuousExcitationSynthesizer into its subdir
> toreview/
> So, could you please review them? (what is deprecated stuff that can be
> removed, what are examples that make sense apart of the network example)
> analysis.xml
> SampleMetadata.cxx
> AudioDatabaseReader.cxx
> SampleMetadata.hxx
> AudioDatabaseReader.hxx
> SimpleLoopMetadata.cxx
> BufferedSDIFFileReader.cxx
> SimpleLoopMetadata.hxx
> BufferedSDIFFileReader.hxx
> TestAudioDatabaseReader.cxx
> ebowSynthesizer.cxx
> The second question is about the .clamnetworks examples of the plugin.
> When I execute
> $ NetworkEditor synth_with_sliders.clamnetwork
> And configure the SDIFDatabaseProcessing to point to
> clam_test_data/EBowGuitarSDIFSmall/ dir, I get this exception at
> configure time:
> terminate called after throwing an instance of 'CLAM::XmlStorageErr'
>   what():  Unexpected Element: 'BowBridgeDistance' at position
> /EBowSampleConfig
> with this trace:
> #7  0xb7fa2f02 in CLAM::XmlStorage::RestoreObject (this=0xbfb00e70,
>     component=@0xbfb010c0) at scons/libs/core/src/XMLStorage.cxx:87
> #8  0xb7fa7920 in CLAM::XmlStorage::Restore (obj=@0xbfb010c0,
> is=@0xbfb00f74)
>     at scons/libs/core/include/CLAM/XMLStorage.hxx:119
> #9  0xb7fa35ff in CLAM::XmlStorage::Restore (obj=@0xbfb010c0,
>     filename=@0xbfb010f0) at scons/libs/core/src/XMLStorage.cxx:119
> #10 0xb457afa4 in CLAM::DirectoryBasedMetadataReader::ReadMetadata (
>     this=0x86c5550, argDirectoryPath=@0xbfb01224,
>     argMetadataVector=@0x86c5614) at DirectoryBasedMetadataReader.cxx:44
> #11 0xb45b6cd0 in CLAM::SDIFDatabase::LoadProgram (this=0x86c554c,
>     argDirectoryPath=@0xbfb01224, isResidualEnabled=true)
>     at SDIFDatabase.cxx:42
> #12 0xb45a557b in CLAM::SDIFDatabaseProcessing::ConcreteConfigure (
>     this=0x86c53a8, cfgObject=@0x86cb510) at SDIFDatabaseProcessing.cxx:62
> #13 0xb7f7fc46 in CLAM::Processing::Configure (this=0x86c53a8, c=@0x86cb510)
> Am I using the right database? Any hint?
> Thanks for any help
>   Pau

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