[CLAM] Re: CLAM under Mac OS X

Maarten De Boer mdeboer at iua.upf.es
Thu Jul 17 00:39:04 PDT 2003

Dear Francois,

Thank you for your offer. I can provide you with compiled versions
(and sources and instructions on how to compile them) of the external
libraries, which would certainly save you a lot of time.

I tried to compile CLAM with the GNU compiler (an apple-modified gcc 3.1
I believe, I am not in front of the mac right now), and got very far.
Several things compile nicely. The real test though would be to compile
the SMS tools. Right now, the preprocessor chokes on it, because there
are too many includes, some of which are rather heavy. While this could
be considered a compiler bug (and it did not occur with other commpilers
or gcc versions), it is certainly something that should be fixed in the
source-code, because it indicates that there are too many header
dependencies, and the code should be restructured, doing forward
declarations, using pImpls, and the likes. This requires a certain insight
in the code... Anyway, some of these changes have been made already, but
have not been included in the public release of CLAM yet - we are about to
make a new release Real Soon Now. Please wait for this release, and the
libraries, so you don't spend time on things that have already been fixed
are that are obsolete.

Another solution might be to use Code Warrior. Niels Bogaards has made
quite some progress with this, and his work has been of great help when
for gcc as well. But we would prefer to stay with gcc because it would
mean that we can share the same build system for MacOS X and Linux, and
we already have a hard time with the compiler differences between the
various g++ versions and Visual C++, especially when it comes to templates
and the stl.

We'll keep you in touch. In the meantime, you might want to subscribe to
the CLAM mailing list.


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