[CLAM] PS: NetworkEditor and NetworkUsage on VC6

Andrea Azzali azzaliandrea at libero.it
Sun Feb 22 23:32:14 PST 2004


Thank a lot for your response. I've already compiled
the SMS example..it likes very powerfull. But
I'm looking for a graphic system like AudioMulch...
that supports the realtime processing e the postdata
processing. CLAM, with Network Editor is the
really solution for our purpose..

Andrea Azzali

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> Hi Andrea,
> If you are using VC6, the Network examples will not compile (I think it is
> stated somewhere in the documentation but I can't remember for sure). The
> main reason is tha VC6 does not support some ANSI C++ features that are
> needed in the flow control code. On the other hand, Network Editor has a
> QT 3 graphical interface, and QT is not GPL under windows.
> You can still use CLAM for your analysis, of course, those examples are
> just very specific about automatic flow control. I recommend you start by
> compiling SMSTools and look at its analysis code.
> Xavier Amatriain
> CLAM-devel team
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> >
> > PS: I Use VC6 ...
> >
> > Regards.
> >
> > Andrea Azzali
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