Ismael ismael.mosquera01 at campus.upf.es
Mon Jul 4 02:46:28 PDT 2005

Hello Rodrigo.

The attached file contains an example of a simple application like the one 
that you are looking for.


> Hi Rodrigo,
> Well I'm happy you made this request: it made us notice that we removed
> the RT example from the cvs...
> Why we removed it? We thought that this funcionality was already shown
> in another example, which was not the case.
> So, I've just revived the AudioIOExample.cxx but it still needs some
> tuning to make it compile against the last CLAM release.
> I'll send the working example file next week.
> Have a good weekend
> Pau
> Rodrigo Segnini wrote:
> >Can anyone provide me an example of a realtime application on CLAM?
> >Something taking an audio input from line/mic, processing it somehow, and
> >playing it back through the speakers.
> >Thanks,
> >Rodrigo
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