[CLAM] building on windows.

Ali-Akber Saifee ali.saifee at mail.mcgill.ca
Thu Sep 27 23:26:58 PDT 2007

Hi there.
I'm looking at using CLAM for a project that my team is looking at. We're
hoping to create a platform independent solution - but our primary expertise
lies in Windows development, therefore we're hoping to create a working
prototype on windows first.

So here lies my problem :
My dev environment contains:
- Windows SDK ( v6 )
- Visual Studio 2008
- DirectX 10 SDK.

Clam source 1.1.0

Using the above + the dependencies claimed by CLAM  - I set up the scons
build environment and immediately ran into problems.

Problem 1 : scons configure fails on id3lib. looking into the
config.logfile, it shows a few linking errors. I hacked around and
using updated
id3lib binaries (recompiled using VS2008) I got that error to subside.
Subsequently, I got as far as doing a scons - which ended up in compile time
errors with CLAM src's - having mostly to do with 'default int' declarations
etc. After hacking around with the CLAM src's I finally got it to build -
only to realise that every time I tried to build an example I got more
linking errors.
Problem 2: When I install the NetworkEditor using the installer (1.1.0) if I
try to add any of the Audio I/O processings I get an error message similar
to 'The processing type 'MonoAudioFileReader' is not supported'. When trying
to use the same processing using the clam libs that I had built in 'Problem
1' I was getting similar errors (Processing not enumerated etc).

Right now, I'll try to check out a svn snapshot of 1.2 and see if that helps
any, but if anyone else has had similar experiences - or resolved similar
problems - I would love to hear. I'm trying to rapidly develop a prototype -
and not being able to get into CLAM's entry point is quite frustrating :D

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