[CLAM] newbie

Agustin Cortés agucortes at gmail.com
Tue Apr 15 19:57:31 PDT 2008

hi, i'm new in the clam comunity, and i'm writing a program to analyse
audio in real time. I look up for clam, but i can't find any useless
tutorial to really know how the data is read. I mean, when i work with
the inport, how can i acces the data? how can i apply a filter that i
make my self?. The program that i'm making have to acces read the
audio port, and apply 3 filters to the audio data, a high-pass filter,
a med-pass filter and a lower pass filter. Then i send the result to 3
diferent adress of a port (each one correspond to each filter).
If someone can give me any tutorial or example for what i'm traying to
do i'll be very greatfull.
Thank u a lot.
PS:sorry about my english

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